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Name: Derek Trujillo
Birthdate: February 4, 1969
Birth City, State: Long Beach, California

Favorite Quotes:
"Johnny, what do make of this?" "I can make a hat, a broach, a teradactyl.." - Airplane
"Du Bo So Co Sleepy Sauce" - The Klan of the Drunken Pirates
"I'm going to kill the kid with the gum" - The killer from the movie Student Bodies
Shooter: - "You're in big trouble pal, I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast!" Happy:- "You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?!" - Happy Gilmore

Least Favorite Sayings:
"KuelShakka" - Michael Bradley (via Papa Roach)
"Know what I'm sayin'?" - Just about everyone on the Jerry Springer Show
"Same Difference" - Way too many hella dumb people (just what does this phrase mean?)
"OK. Question of the day... " - Moose (See Moose's Question)
"Been there. Done that." - I have a place for those who use this phrase... Go to hell!
"Bling Bling!" The only good thing about this phrase is that it makes me think of girls on cold days.

Favorite Movies:
Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Student Bodies
Sixth Sense

Favorite CD's:
Current: Disturbed - The Sickness
Classic: Rush - Moving Pictures

Favorite Food:
Free Food

Least Favorite Food:
Buffet food in Laughlin, NV

Favorite Hobbies:
Kicking the Kitty!
Playing 'Same Difference' (though I still hate the phrase!)

Favorite Drinks of Choice:
Southern Comfort
Rum and Coke
Jaegermeister Blasters (Red Bull with a shot of Jaegermeister)

Favorite Sexual Position:
Being that I'm fat and lazy... I can chill on bottom.

Favorite Internal Organ:

Favorite Masturbation Technique:
The double-handed traversing squirrel-dip

Animal of Choice:
Monkey (Bad monkey...<spank...spank>)

Least Favorite Obscure Thing:
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

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