HellaDumb Downloads

Here is the infamous lounge version of the HellaDumb theme song. If you visited the site before the offical launch date (12/5/00), you heard this during the flash intro. It was recorded by Derek in one take. Talk about a pro!

This is it, the HellaDumb theme song. And not just the version that you hear during the intro but, the full take! Listen to four drunken pirates rambling and rocking the house in all their HellaDumb glory. Derek plays all the guitar and bass tracks on the song. Special thanks go out to Eric for recording the song and programming the drum machine. Recorded 11/28/00

Here is the "90210" version of the theme that is used as the theme song to ARGH Radio. Guest guitar track by Eric from Ofourd.

Here is HellaDumb's own Derek (aka DJ D-Rock) with a bit of HellaDumbness for you. It's his version of Oompa Loompa song. It has a nice beat you can dance to.

Here is HellaDumb's own Derek (aka DJ D-Rock) with more HellaDumbness for you - this time with a sick and demented twist. It's his octogenarian-pedophile techno version of the Oompa Loompa song.


Now you can download a copy of the Coming Soon Opening that was on the page before our December 5th opening.

Here is the Mac version of the Coming Soon Opening.

Have you ever wanted a Scotty of your very own? Of course not but, you can have one anyway with the Virtual Scotty! Press the button and listen to 11 different drunken phrases!

Here is the Mac version of the Virtual Scotty.

Here is the infamous (that means "not famous", right?) pop up screen animation for the, also infamous, HellaDumb.COMcert!

Here is the Mac version of the HellaDumb.COMcert animation.


Keith created this wallpaper for your desktop if your display is set at 800 by 600. In order to use it, right click on the file and save the file in your windows/system folder. Then, go to your control panel and select display. Select the background tab and scroll down until you find "hdwallpaper".

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