Help Find Derek's MOJO

Thanks to everyone who submitted pickup lines for Derek. He has found true love and is well on his way to living happily ever after. His new girlfriend, unfortunately, is well on her way to insanity - poor innocent girl.

If you were planning on submitting a pickup line, fear not! You can click HERE to send your pickup lines to Keith - He is in desperate need of mojo...we can only hope that he uses them.

My friend wants to know if you think I'm cute.(With no help from Keith)
Here are some of the other 'helpful' lines that were submitted:

Submitted by: Old Salty Balls the Juggalo Pirate of Amsterdam. (Rob S)
Pick-up Line: Ok, so when a fine ass broad or just any for that matter, sits next to you at the bar. You say... "Bitch better find a new seat, unless you wanna get drunk and fuck!" It is then that you will most likely be asked to scurry off to her humble abode, when you shall, with my opinoin give her the all mighty CHILI-DOG. Then pop in the anal beads and go to town. I suggest pulling them out right as she starts to scream your name(or anyones for that matter) which will cause her to leave a steamy treat for you to cuddle in after making sweet love. Clothespin for your nose is highly suggested. With that said and done good luck and happy hunting! Peace out matey!

Submitted by: Chris P
Pick-up Line: Hey Baby You want to play army? I'll lay on the ground and you can blow the hell out of me!!!

Submitted by: Melissa
Pick-up Line: Hey baby, make your legs like butter, easy to spread!

Submitted by: Raven
Pick-up Line: So my doctor tells me I have about a week left.. or I bet you look great in the dark

Submitted by: Lee
Pick-up Line: Do you have wrenches in your eyes? 'Cause everytime I look at you my nuts tighten.

Submitted by: Joanne L
Pick-up Line: use only when it rains-- say to a cute girl -Honey , you better get out of the rain - don't you know that sugar melts in the rain?

Submitted by: Carley
Pick-up Line: You time I heard the greatest pick up line. However, you have to be REALLY smooth to pull it off. Here it is - Hi little girls...come with me to this party tonight. There will be LOTS of people there. Yeah, I am cool, I know a lot of people, friends flock to me like flies to doo- doo. Or, you could try the traditional - Yeah, when most guys look at you they think 'what a fine piece of ass', but me, I think you're awesome

Submitted by: Linda
Pick-up Line: #1. I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?
#2. What can I do to make you mine?
#3. Nice pants. Can I talk you out of them?
#4. My friend wants to know if you think I'm cute.

Submitted by: Chad
Pick-up Line: I'm going to have you later tonight its up to you though if you want to be there or not...

Submitted by: Rumple-4-Skin (Kimo S)
Pick-up Line: Order her a drink and stir it with your dick! If that dont work try rufies!

Submitted by: CC
Pick-up Line: When are we going to get naked?

Submitted by: Madman
Pick-up Line: Question 1:So, do you want to get a six pack and fuck? If she says YES: Hit It!!!! If she says NO : See Question 2 Question 2: What you don't drink?

Submitted by: Krista A
Pick-up Line: Nice shoes.Want to fuck?
Hey, why don't you come sit on my lap & we'll talk about whatever pops up

Submitted by: Paul M
Pick-up Line: I'm not sure if this would work but I think it's worth a try because if you don't get slapped, you know you are in there: You have a kind chin........ The kind of chin I would like to rest my balls against.

Submitted by: JEP (Ed)
Pick-up Line: What do you say you and I go out and have some coffee and fuck? Whats wrong don't you like coffee?
Do you want to go halves on a baby?
Hey Bitch, chuck me some skull!

Submitted by: BUGAZILA!
Pick-up Line: That shirt is very becoming on you........ If I were on you I'd be cumming too.

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