December 5th? What Does It All Mean?

We, the HellaDumb founders, have been asked several times, "Why did you decide to kick-off the website on Tuesday, December 5th? Why didn't you just wait and have the kick-off on Friday or Saturday?" The HellaDumb founders didn't just randomly choose December 5th as a kick-off date. Actually there was a considerable amount of thought put into it.

The founders went to a calendar that Scott had (yes, he actually has a calendar) that showed significant dates. Election Day was considered, but was immediately thrown out. They turned the page to December when it became clear when they must kick-off the site. December 5th - Prohibition Repealed. Thus, it was decided amongst the founders on that day that December 5th was to be the day that would be unleashed upon the general public.

Additional research was done to see if any other significant events occurred on that day. This is what we discovered [Select choices found at:]

1854 Aaron Allen of Boston patents a folding theater chair - What a great day in the history of America. Now you can get your fat asses down the aisle without bashing your kneecap.

1920 Pro football playoff game Akron & Buffalo 0-0 tie, title undecided - Now this is just HellaDumb at its best. A championship game that goes undecided. Log on!

1929 1st US nudist organization (American League for Physical Culture, NYC) - The only way this could have been better is if was an all-women organization, but still, pretty darn cool.

1932 German physicist Albert Einstein granted a visa - The alter-ego of all of the HellaDumb Founders. Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

1933 21st Am ratified, 18th Amendment (Prohibition) repealed (5:32 PM EST) - Aaaarrrgggh!! I'll drink to that!

1975 NASA launches space vehicle S-196, it failed - Yes, it failed. It should have been called the S-34 .

1983 Los Angeles Dodger pitcher Steve Howe is suspended for 1 year for cocaine use - Hi, I'm Steve Howe, I'm HellaDumb. Thanks.

1988 Shuttle Atlantis launches world's 1st nuclear-war-fighting satellite - Not really sure what to say about this event. Let's see, a satellite named after a mythical under-water city of peace-lovers used for nuclear war. Oh yeah, that's HellaDumb!

1988 Televangelist Jim Bakker was charged by a federal grand jury with mail fraud and conspiracy to defraud the public through the sale of thousands of lifetime memberships to PTL theme park, Heritage U.S.A. (Bakker was convicted the following year and sentenced to prison.) - Hi, I'm Televangelist Jim Bakker, I'm HellaDumb. Thanks. Not to mention all the HellaDumb people who purchased these PTL theme park memberships.

1991 Charles Keating Jr (Lincoln Savings & Loan fraud), found guilty - Hi, I'm Charles Keating Jr and, oh yeah, I'm HellaDumb. Thanks.


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