You sound great in the shower. You sound great in the car. This will translate on the stage, right? This is most likely not the case. Instead of sounding like the next pop sensation, you probably sound like a fumbling, drunken ass.

You don't believe it? Well, here is some proof. Even the HellaDumb guys have fallen prey to the power of karaoke and in this section, we will let you hear the sonic disaster that follows.

Has this happened to you? You're sitting at a bar, having a few too many drinks, and you notice a noise in the background. You glance over and see some jackass delivering a disturbing rendition of some classic song. You think to yourself, "What the hell is this guy thinking? I'll show these people some real singing!"




Listen as Mike lets out the angry, bitter female that lives deep inside him. Hear him cry out as a woman scorned! Oh, and listen as he doesn't know when to sing, even though the words are clearly on a screen for him to follow along. The song? You Outta Know.

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