We are providing the following links to further entertain yourself. Don't spend too much time there, as we will be updating our site soon.

HellaDumb Links

The Onion - HellaDumb News.

The Darwin Awards - People who die in HellaDumb ways.

Drunk Of The Month - HellaDumb Drunk People (no, not us)

Pimp Daddy - HellaDumb pimp-daddy

Fugly - HellaDumb people who are very unattractive

Ugly People - More HellaDumb people who are very unattractive

Disturbing Auctions - HellaDumb auctions

Mullets Galore - HellaDumb page about mullets

Rotten! - HellaDumb pictures about rotten stuff

Steak and Cheese - HellaDumb pictures about weird stuff - Some HellaDumb (..and funny) commercials. - go there while you're waiting for the next update.

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