Moose's Past HellaDumb Questions of the Day

1. For 20 million dollars (tax free) would you fuck a pig at the half-time show of the Super Bowl?

WhereSquirrel-Only if the pig looked like Mikey and Derek in a hybrid.
Big Worm-i would fuck the shit out of the damn pig

2. If one of your friends turned into the guy/girl of your dreams but had the same voice they have now, would you fuck them?

Christine-Hmm , Well depends.. if the friend was a guy in the first place...being that i'm a girl... HELL YEAH... ya don't need to talk during sex...=)
Kristen-Hell ya! Who the hell's talkin'?

3. If the person you were having sex with died during the middle of the act would you finish or would you stop?

Christine-Hmmm.. thinkin rigor mortis HAS its benefits?!?!
Scotty-HELL YEAH!! All you gotta do is put her in a tub of ice, in the position of doggie. Use vasaline to get a hair drier in her ass and she is good for atleast 2 months! It's like a life size blow up doll, you get behind her throw on the switch to high/hot and not only does it warm up it even *vibrates a lil
*varies on amount of vasaline used

4. If you woke up after a long night of sleep and found that you had changed into the opposite sex for 24 hours, what three things would you try before you turned back to normal?

WhereSquirrel-Let's see...I'd play with my vagina for a while. Then I'd be a cock tease to most guys. Last, I'd fuck myself with a cucumber.
Christine-First off I'd try peein standing up... i soo hate you men for that!! =) #2 I'd bake an apple pie..hehehe & #3 i'd try the towel trick to see if it really DOES work =)
Don't Worry About It-i would get a bj, have sex and write my name in the snow...or just pee on something outside.
Deb-I would take a girl out to dinner, take her home and fuck her, and then not call her! ..........Isn't that how it's done.

5. If you were stranded on a island with a member of the opposite sex, but had a girlfriend/boyfriend how long would it take you before you would fuck them?

WhereSquirrel-About 26 seconds.
Tommy-the first day!
Scotty-How long does it take to rape someone?

6. If someone walked in and caught you masturbating and then left the room would you finish before you went out to explain yourself?

Christine-Of Course.. but I've never had anyone walk out of the room when I'm strumming

7. If you were eating out or giving head and the person you were going down on farted would you stop or continue?

Scotty-Depends, If a chick farted and a wet spray hit my chin followed by bad oder I would probably....yeah, I would probably stop just long enough to wipe my face on her inner thigh and wave the smell away. I don't know is that bad?
Deb-As much as I prefer that not happening, I would finish, so unless you want to be known as "FARTBOY" don't do it. But if you were to do it, at least say "excuse me" because you know you did it and I know you did it, so at least acknowledge the fact that you did it so I know that you know that I know you do it :O)

8. If you had to fuck a member of the same sex, or you would die, which one of your friends would you fuck or would you let your life end ?

9. How many people have you had sex with in your life, and who was the best and the worst?

D-Rock-Only one... your mama! She was the best!

10. What is the lowest amount of money you would take to let a man fuck you in the ass if no one would ever find out, for the ladies same question buy it would be another girl with a strap on?

Betty-I'd do it for free...just for the experience. Bring it on ladies!

11. Which one of the television's Golden Girls would you go down on, if you had to?
Were Squirrel-
Bea Arthur....Cause she's tall, manly, and helladumb. Not to mention, they wanted naked pictures of her in the movie Airheads.
I would have one fat ass wrinkle room orgy. I would take all 4 of those bitches on. You know they can get good viagra.
I would take Betty White. She looks Hella Dumb and she wanted the Crocks to eat all the people in that move Lake Placid.
I'd have a mass freaky circus sex orgy with THE GOLDEN GIRLS!!!!! Yeah! Dust them cob webs off! Call me Indiana Rumple and the Temple of Poon! I like my bitches like I like my raisens... wrikley and sweet! I'd eat those old haggard meat flaps like they were a slice of 3 week old slimey bologna! Bee Arthur here I cum baby!

12. Whatís the grossest thing that has ever happened to you while having sex?

Jenny-when he has going down on me he started throwing up! then i threw up too we havent talked sence
Spooge up the nose! hehehe, I remember that! I was blowing my nose for an hour!

13. If you were the last person on earth, which animal would you have sex with in order to start a new race?

Kimber-Well, a dolphin of course! They are they only other animals who fuck for pleasure!
A Pig, I hear they have orgasm's that last over an hour! and beside's we might as well start the human race all over again!
One animal? I guess I'd have to go with a man. I know, I know it's pretty low but...
If I was to have sex with a animal it would be a tiger because I love pussy
I would take any kind of BIG feline. Have you ever watched a cat fuck?!?! They like to bite..{Hint Hint...Kimber)
I would make it my life long goal to try and fuck as many animals as I could! In fact, I think I'd build an arc and put two of each animal on board and have a huge animal lovin orgy! Yes an orgy! I'd fuck a mountain lions ass with an electric eel! Yeah! You like that dont you little fishies!

14. Would you rather have a set of balls hanging from your forehead or sponges for feet?

D-Rock-Sponges for feet... c'mon.... imagine how much free alcohol you could get by just walking into a bar!
Were Squirrel-
I already have a nice set of nutz, so I suppose that I would have the sponges on my feet. That way, I could rub my feet on Mikey's cock and balls and absorb his juices.....Damn, that was hella gay.
I would have to go with the sponges, I really love the free beer at the bar idea.
I would rather have a set of balls hanging from my fore head! I'd never have to dig around in my pants to scratch them anymore, it would be harder for people to kick them, and if I ever lost my hair, I could just comb over my nutt hair and no one would ever notice I was bald! The chicks that said they would rather have spounges for feet are fucking lying! Chicks love thier fucking shoes too much!

15. Have you ever tasted yourself during a sexual encounter? (and donít pretend you donít get the question.)

Christine-yup yup yup... not too bad if i do say so myself...hehehe
ABSOLUTLY..... ;-)
Now, I wonder where that question "came" from. It wouldn't have came from personal experinece, now would it????
I have, jus because I didn't wipe off her chest good enough. I know I can NEVER be gay...LOL

16. Whatís the longest amount of time youíve had sex for without stopping?

Christine-that would be 4 hours...
Jimmy the Crap Lousey Nut Boy-
10 hrs and still counting...
8 hrs! 7 times, at the river while camping, Sex on the rocks! I was bruised for weeks! Ooowee,Ouch! When your drunk you can't feel the rocks digging in your back,knee's or your Ass!
I don't know the exact time, but I know it was for quite a few hours....It kept my roomies up all night....LOL....Loosers

17. Which one of the founding members of HellaDumb would you sleep with and why?

Discomari-I think it would be Keith for no other reason than Damn Your SEXY
Derek... No doubt about it.... I totally desire you sweetie... Pick the time and place.... Let me take you out of your Helladumb world for just a night (did I say night) Yep!
Were Squirrel-
I'd take you all at the same time. We could get naked and you all could fill me out like an application.
You gotta get a few new members, since I've already...well, um...anyway, you're all real cute...
Derek! No doubt about it! Sorry boyz, gotta go with the sure thing!
Um do I have to choose one of them? How bout a Mikey and Derek sandwich?????
King Jizza-
that would have to be keith, because next time the two of us break a bed its not going to be because i suplexed him onto it.

18. Have you ever caught your parents having sex and if so, describe it?

Deb-YES! words can not describe the horror. let's just say I was 10 and oh the Noise, Noise, Noise! I'm still in therapy!
Hell yea...countless times. I was always a nosy kid and I wanted to know why I heard my mom moanin and groanin with a sound of a blender or something....Plus I also found a real sick vid of them too. IlL nEvEr Be ThE sAmE.

19. Would you ever have sex with a midget?

Christine-all depends.. on if he is a giant midget
Come on guys...You know I deserve the credit for this "hella dumb" question. Oh well, at least I know you all still think of me! Oh yeah, I totally do Tiny!
That's a stupid question, don't forget about Fred, the one-eyed black midget friend of mine. Keith can tell ya all about him.
Hot Dog-
We prefer to be called little people!
I have and I'd do it again and again. It was hella cool. So many body parts that weren't in the way at times....MMMMMMMMMMMMM. MIGETS ROCK.....LOL
King Jizza-
I prefer to call him Paul, and no I would not.

20. If you could have sex with three famous people who would they be and why?

Christine-hmmm let's see j.t. snow(giant's 1stbaseman) cuz he's a cutie harrison ford cuz he is just hot &...ummm... i can't think of one so i'll go with ron jeremy as a default...ok correction.. scratch that ron jeremy one & replace with adrian paul.. thr guy from the highlander series... there can be only one...hehe
Mari-#1 Nicolas Cage HOT #2 Adam Sandler ahhhhhh what a man #3 Sean Connery WOW!!! for an old guy
Candlldy-#1. Brad Pitt.... Bad man #2. Tom Cruse.... Pretty man #3. Billy Joel... Piano man
Deb-KEANU REEVES, Cause he reminds me of someone! Definately NOT Ron Jeremy, that's just not right! I'd do Scott Stapp, singer of Creed! and Faith Hill, Because she's gorgeous!
1. Brad Pitt cause I can't get over how hot he looked in the movie "Legends of the Fall" ooohhh total babe! 2. Russel Crowe cause he's a bad ass. 3. Eric Clapton cause I want to find out the passion behind the sexy blues music he plays!
1. Keanu, Keanu, Keanu 2. Stephen Dorff 3. Dave Grohl (lead singer of the Foo Fighters)
#1-Kathy Ireland...she's hella hot and that mouth looks like it could do wonders. #2-Kelly, the one that replaced Kathylee on also Hailey on some soap...Same reasons as befor. #3-Tyra Banks...Same as above, plus it would be cool to try a Highyella (southern slang) woman.

21.If you were on the Survivor Island with all the founding members of Hella Dumb who would you vote off and why.

Silly girls ( writes at Wednesday, 18-Apr-01 19:22:21 EDT:

Keith, all of the puking and howling like Yoda at the in the morning would drive me insane. Then Mikey, cause he's useless

logan-I think ( writes at Saturday, 31-Mar-01 15:06:10 EST:

Mikey-because he is useless.

paul- Starch () writes at Saturday, 31-Mar-01 05:38:52 EST:

Do-do is good. buy american.

Rumple-4-Skin ( writes at Tuesday, 20-Mar-01 01:59:57 EST:

I would vote off Mikey, but only after I raped him in the ass with a frozen piece of shit.

REVENGE ( writes at Thursday, 15-Mar-01 20:34:14 EST:

I'd vote everyone, including myself, off All except for Scotty. I'd make sure that everyone took all their stuff, leaving him with just matches and some small pieces of string. He'd have to sit around alone waiting for the once a month delivery of one shot of SoCo, 3 cigarettes and the lastest edtion of Playstation Magazine.

Weresquirrel ( writes at Wednesday, 14-Mar-01 14:52:11 EST:

Myself....I wouldn't be able to stand being on a deserted island with those jackasses.

Adam ( writes at Tuesday, 06-Mar-01 17:08:19 EST:

Moose...cause he scares me

Johnny Lop Ball ( writes at Monday, 05-Mar-01 20:20:44 EST:

Me. Cus I'd go crazy on an island with those kids.

eric moore ( writes at Monday, 05-Mar-01 12:43:42 EST:

Dereck because i think i could score with the other three. and scotty has a nice ass

Joanne ( writes at Friday, 02-Mar-01 18:06:05 EST:

I would say Mike because I heard he doesn't do anything hee hee (sorry Mike!)

Joanne ( writes at Friday, 02-Mar-01 18:00:32 EST:

Scotty ( writes at Thursday, 01-Mar-01 12:21:38 EST:

Mikey - Because he is useless.

Keith ( writes at Thursday, 01-Mar-01 12:21:21 EST:

Mikey - Because he is useless.

D-Rock ( writes at Thursday, 01-Mar-01 12:20:30 EST:

Mikey - Because he is useless.

22.Have you ever had a coyote experience?

gina () Sunday, 01-Apr-01 18:15:56 EDT:

yes and 9 months later i had a little coyote

logan () Sunday, 18-Mar-01 17:26:16 EST:

Mikey-Because he is useless.

eric ( Monday, 05-Mar-01 12:45:19 EST:

one time this coyote was licking my balls and he sneezed....... oh wait that was Mikey, sorry

D-Rock ( Thursday, 01-Mar-01 12:21:49 EST:

I had a coyote experience once. It wasn't bad for me, but it was bad for the coyote. He was chasing me on roller skates with a rocket strapped to his back. He ended up going off a cliff. It's a good thing for me that the maker of the rocket, ACME Inc., doesn't make quality products. (LOG ON!)

23.How old do you think youíll be when you die?

FREDDY COUGER---666 ( Monday, 02-Apr-01 21:03:15 EDT:

I'll be 'bout 759.114503505 So go away or I,ll rip your head off CRACKER!!

() Monday, 02-Apr-01 21:02:10 EDT:

() Monday, 02-Apr-01 21:02:10 EDT:

Rumple-4-Skin ( Tuesday, 20-Mar-01 02:24:40 EST:

I shall never die! When you worthless people are rotting in your shitty graves, I'll be having mass orgy's with your Daughters and Grand Daughters at the same time! Then in the year 300025512 I will have invented a more powerfull twinkie that has a shelf life of 100025 years and will retire on uranus a very rich and satisfied man!

your baby boy (veryyoung& Tuesday, 20-Mar-01 02:06:02 EST:

2 maybe 2 & 1/2

Weresquirrel ( Wednesday, 14-Mar-01 14:53:16 EST:

Young enough to still score an 18 year old broad but too old to get it up.

Mariann ( Wednesday, 07-Mar-01 16:02:33 EST:

old enough to know better but to young to care!

eric ( Monday, 05-Mar-01 12:47:20 EST:

112 because i smoke lots of weed and everybody knows it keeps you young

Joanne ( Friday, 02-Mar-01 18:08:04 EST:

34 - of course- only 4 months to go

D-Rock ( Tuesday, 27-Feb-01 11:58:45 EST:


24.If you had to have sex with a cartoon which cartoon character would it be and why.

bongnbuzz ( Wednesday, 18-Apr-01 19:24:43 EDT:

All seven dwarves...the whisle while they work...

gina (g_lahr) Sunday, 01-Apr-01 18:13:17 EDT:

eric cartman. he's funny and cute.

Rumple-4-Skin ( Tuesday, 20-Mar-01 02:32:08 EST:

I've had sex with many cartoon characters and I have to say that The roadrunner with his speedy toungue action gives the best head, the power puff girls like it rough, Bluto has a small penis, Betty Boop likes negros, Yogi Bear is a fag, and Captain Cave Man can't keep it up without Viagra!

Me (thumb@yerrectum.arse) Tuesday, 20-Mar-01 02:07:36 EST:


Mariann ( Wednesday, 07-Mar-01 15:53:37 EST:

Archie, sometimes I am in the mood for a little Fire!

eric ( Monday, 05-Mar-01 12:48:39 EST:

i would ssay it would have to be animated scotty(does that count). because sometimesyou just have to say to yourself, goddamn it i want to play the lottery

25.Spit or Swallow?

Rumple-4-Skin ( Tuesday, 20-Mar-01 02:11:31 EST:

I prefer to bust nut in her dirty ass cheecks and then make her slurp it all out with a carnival twisty straw!

Christine ( Monday, 05-Mar-01 18:46:10 EST:

swallow...why would you want to taste it twice!

eric ( Monday, 05-Mar-01 12:51:29 EST:

spit into mikeys mouth

Joanne () Friday, 02-Mar-01 18:09:11 EST:

swallow unless your hella nasty

26.How would you react to one of your friends having sex with one of your parents?

james () Sunday, 08-Apr-01 21:29:05 EDT:


scotty ( Sunday, 18-Mar-01 20:27:42 EST:

hummmm....I'd probably join in

D-Rock ( Thursday, 01-Mar-01 12:14:11 EST:

I would probably start shouting, "Oh my goodness! One of my friends is having sex with one of my parents!!"

27.Would you have sex with one of your friendís parents?

eric ( Monday, 19-Mar-01 18:06:29 EST:

we probably did, arent you wondering why your kid is so adorable

Deb (nocomentdotcom) Saturday, 10-Mar-01 04:24:38 EST:

I'm a MOM, does that mean we fucked?

eric ( Friday, 09-Mar-01 11:49:27 EST:

adam is too large for my mom, he would crush her

Adam ( Tuesday, 06-Mar-01 17:11:01 EST:

Yeah...eric's mom is hot

eric ( Monday, 05-Mar-01 12:52:16 EST:

if you fucked one mom you've fucked them all

28.Would you have sex with someone missing a limb?

GimpFucker ( Tuesday, 20-Mar-01 02:09:10 EST:

Just Did!

eric ( Monday, 05-Mar-01 12:53:11 EST:

my ultimate fantasy is to have a girl with no legs so i can put her on top of me and spin her like a top

29.Whatís your most embarrassing moment?

SCOTTY ( Sunday, 18-Mar-01 20:43:30 EST:

One time me and KEITH were play'n starving seal. He would lay in a tub naked and perch himself up on the edge with his arms. So I would stand there and let him swallow my "stinky fish" well when he went down his hands slipped cause'n him to go deeper than he ever had only to start puke'n, well I was bang'n keith's ass with a bar of soap so when he locked up it shot the bar of soap in my eye leave'n me with a burning black eye. I guess you were right Keith we shouldn't of used the soap!!

SCOTTY ( Sunday, 18-Mar-01 20:36:57 EST:

OH! yeah...I kant believe he turned around to put them back on and "POW" brown eye, and then "BAM" my kack was so hard, derek you remember you was paly'n with my shit.

scotty ( Sunday, 18-Mar-01 20:31:55 EST:

OH! yeah...I kant believe that fucker turned around to put them on and "POW"

eric ( Monday, 05-Mar-01 12:54:29 EST:

one time i was at the waterslides and there was this 60 year old man and he was coming down the slide and his speedos came off and we all just stood there staring at his big, beautiful, hairy balls, ah jeez i wanted to lick them. remember that one Scott?

30.If you could kill someone and get away with it would you, and do you have someone in mind?

Adam ( Tuesday, 06-Mar-01 17:13:47 EST:

Yes...I have many people in mind

D-Rock ( Tuesday, 27-Feb-01 11:59:38 EST:

Yes, I would kill Moose for the dumb-ass questions he posts every month, but I'd kill him after doing a pig at the halftime show of the super bowl as the grand finale.

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