Welcome to the Cinema of the HellaDumb!

This is where you get to see video clips of people being HellaDumb! What you see here might amuse you! It may shock you! You may never be the same again!


Just a few short weeks after the infamous Laughlin trip of 2001 and we are proud to present to you, the first video footage of this event. This episode shows Derek and Mikey preparing the rental van for its long trip to Nevada. We hope you enjoy it and don't worry, there is more footage coming soon!


The 2001 Laughlin party is upon us so, here is another look back at last year with everybody's second, third, and fourth favorite HellaDumbers, Derek, Scotty, and Mike. In this episode, watch as they create a very special drink for the big opening night pajama party!

The drink, Hand Grenade, was discovered by Keith, Scotty, and Derek on their trip to Mardi Gras earlier that year. Derek ordered the mix as a special treat for our Nor Cal friends. Watch as things go bad when the boys had the bright idea to take a shot of Everclear in celebration of being in Laughlin.

If you would like more information about Hand Grenades, go to http://www.tropicalisle.com.


Because the infamous Laughlin trip is coming in August, we thought that it would be only fitting to show you some clips of what happened last year. This first clip is of Scott, Mike, Derek, and Shar set up their hotel room. Watch as a normal hotel room turns into a HellaDumb party palace. And in addition, you get to see Scotty's love tips...and it's with a sheep!

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